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Arcati Mainframe 2012 Year Book: An yearly Journey through the Mainframe World

Are you anxious to know about the happenings in the Mainframe world this year? Do you want to get diverse information on Mainframe platform like articles, Mainframe information resources, publications, vendor details, glossary of terms and user groups for the Big Iron family? If so, you can put a halt at the Arcati Mainframe yearbook – an independent annual guide representing the Mainframe business happenings, user survey, terminology, time line, media resources etc for IBM Mainframe information seekers. The Arcati Mainframe yearbook 2012 can be downloaded freely here. Some of the major vendors in the Mainframe industry – CA Technologies, SDS, Serena, Maintec Technologies, PK WARE etc have sponsored the 2012 yearbook.

Download Here: Arcati Mainframe 2012 Year Book -PDF

Introduced first in 2005, the Arcati Mainframe yearbook is a great resource for experienced Mainframe professionals as well as new faces in the Mainframe industry. The highlight of the yearbook is the user survey, which indicates the upcoming Mainframe market trends. The survey also gives a snapshot of the Mainframe user community’s existing hardware and software configuration, and also their strategies and concerns for 2012. The survey also conveys a mixed view of positives and negatives.

Year 2012 Survey key points
• Larger businesses with MIPS rate more than 10, 000 are expected to show growth rates of 0 – 10 % this year.

• Smaller businesses with MIPS range below 1000 are expecting limited or no growth as per the survey.

• Competitive pressures are very high with the lower end Mainframe markets.

• Around 44 % of the respondents were running Linux on System z (up from last year’s 40%).

• About 78% of the respondents were web enabling their CICS subsystems (up from 58 percent last year).

• Only 12 % of the respondents were using their Mainframe for Cloud Computing.

• Around 18 % were planning to cloud enable their Mainframe environment in the near future.

• About 6 % have installed z114 Mainframes and 19% have installed z196.

• About 44% of the enterprise data of surveyed sites reside on Mainframes and 56 % on other platforms.

• Survey also identified management ignorance of the power and benefits of using a mainframe.

• Majority of respondents believe that their Unix and Windows user support costs were increasing faster than the Mainframe.

The next section of the Arcati yearbook comes out with the vendor directory in which the detailed information about the vendors, consultants, and service providers working in the z/OS environment are given.

Mainframe relevance is increasing day by day and they are now very much in the air of the industrial arena. Yearly release of Arcati Mainframe yearbook along with its wide acceptance among the industry is a testimonial for this.

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