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Cloud implementation: Chinese company picks IBM Mainframe

A leading Information Technology Chinese Company Yi Lian Zhong (YLZ) selected IBM on September 2011, to build a cloud-computing platform. This cloud network will be powered by System z Mainframes running on Linux OS. Aimed at improving the life of Chinese citizens via an online portal for social services, the proposed project will connect together government departments, rural and urban residents, social service institutions, medical, public, corporate organizations, educational institutions etc covering around 300 million people in China. The easily scalable and flexible nature of System z will manage the unpredictable workloads of YLZ Company without additional overheads. The new cloud- Mainframe platform will facilitate the sharing of public resources and information, thereby improving Government efficiency, service integration and effective administration for citizen services in China.


The technology underpinnings of Cloud Computing in Mainframe platform can be traced back to late 1960’s. IBM introduced virtualization technology to Mainframe during this period. At present, IBM manages massive amount of cloud-based transactions and assists thousands of customers to adopt cloud deployment models in system z each day, thanks to IBM’s continued investments and innovation in Mainframe technology for the past 45+ years.

IBM introduced z Enterprise 196 and z114 in 2010 and 2011 respectively, understanding the immense potential of cloud Mainframe coalition. System-z’s proven features of virtualization, scalability, resource sharing, dynamic provisioning, etc make an ideal platform for cloud deployment. IBM zEnterprise possesses the capabilities of optimizing workloads across heterogeneous operating systems along with high levels of reliability, availability, efficiency, and manageability. z-Enterprise is the foremost Mainframe design that integrates multiple technology platforms – Mainframe, UNIIX and x 86 architectures within a centrally managed unified system called Unified Resource Manager (URM). These new Mainframe capabilities are now largely adopted by organizations for private cloud deployments. China’s recent move to cloud with system z, can be viewed from this angle.

It is due to the security features in System z platform that the global organizations, financial, insurance, airline industry sectors rely on Mainframes for their critical business transactions. On the other hand, security context of Cloud computing raises eyebrows of CIO’s in majority of global organisations. IT Industry specialists expect that infusing cloud to Mainframe can address the security concerns of the cloud platform largely.

The general trend is that – IBM’s Cloud computing solutions on system z are expected to drive down business costs, improve service levels and manage risk in organizations to larger extents. According to a 2010 survey by CA Technologies, 79 percent of 300 IT decision makers believed that the “mainframe is an essential component of their cloud computing strategy.”In addition, 70 percent indicated that cloud computing will sustain or extend the mainframe environment”. The immense potential of coalition of these two platforms has yet to be figured out in detail. However, the cloud on system z adoption is going to be the trend of the coming days. Watch the space.

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Maintec provides Mainframe Remote System Software Support, Mainframe Remote Operations Support and Mainframe Mid-Range services that caters to both AIX and iSeries (AS/400) environments. At the heart of the offering Maintec focus on providing best-in-class Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), Remote Data Center Management and Application Development and Maintenance services on IBM Mainframe Platforms.
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