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Remote IT Staffing: From Recession to Post-recession Period

Having finally emerged from the financial crisis, companies across the globe are now looking at getting back to pre-crisis growth rates. At this post recessionary phase, we are expecting a potential and promising growth in the IT sector. The picture was much different during the last few years due to the uncertainties caused by layoffs, salary reduction, recruitment freezing etc. The need for cost reduction has now become one of the primary concerns for organizations to withstand the downbeat of recession. Here it gained big momentum for the idea of offshore outsourcing to emerge as one of the most effective solution. As offshore outsourcing worked out quite operational for companies, another aspect of outsourcing in terms of human resource investment viz Remote IT Staffing, which has now become mainstream. Small to large business enterprises decided to hire remote staffs from offshore centres across the country and continents.


What made the idea of remote IT staffing a viable option for businesses across the world?

Remote IT staffing solutions offer companies to have access to required talent at a lesser cost compared to that of hiring an in house employee. Moreover it offers flexibility to companies in recruiting employees as full time, part time, short and long term, as per the project requirements. Companies with round-the-clock business requirements get a sigh of relief having 24x7x365 solutions in this model. The hidden cost of recruiting, training and infrastructure setting for a permanent post also gets saved to a great extent by choosing a right skilled remote staff vendor. By outsourcing divisions of their services to remote staff, companies get to focus their time and saved money on to their core business. Along with the numerous benefits associated with remote IT staffing, organisations faced a few challenges too. Lack of strategic planning and wrong choice of remote staffing services vendor can make a business end up having un-happy customers. Companies, therefore, should invest good time in finding the right outsourcing partner for their niche to experience the real benefits of remote IT staffing.

About Maintec Technologies

Maintec provides Mainframe Remote System Software Support, Mainframe Remote Operations Support and Mainframe Mid-Range services that caters to both AIX and iSeries (AS/400) environments. At the heart of the offering Maintec focus on providing best-in-class Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM), Remote Data Center Management and Application Development and Maintenance services on IBM Mainframe Platforms.
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