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Mainframes in Modern Data Centers

Mainframes continue to be the data hub of enterprises for the last 50 +years. Overthese years, the industry has seen a number of changes in computing platforms, business models and technological advancements. Modern data centers have evolved largely and are … Continue reading

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Whether you want it or not: Data is growing

Have you ever thought of your contribution to the growing digital data? Usually, we upload pictures and videos, publish blogs, etc to our hangout social media channels. Similarly, enterprises, scientific research institutions, government organizations and all sections of the society … Continue reading

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Mainframe is Growing – Survey

Mainframe usage continues to grow – 2011 Annual Mainframe Survey Yes, Mainframe market is in the right pace of growth in 2011. According to the 6th Annual Mainframe survey conducted by BMC software, the Mainframe technology is expected to show … Continue reading

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Outsourcing: The Current Scenario

Offshore Outsourcing, despite all speculations and outcries,┬áis still prevailing as a viable business model for global industries. It was during the Y2K crisis and the dot com boom the word outsourcing got global recognition. Later the setbacks of recession demanded … Continue reading

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Green Data Center: The Need of The Age

Data Center Management is facing challenges with an up-rise in the demand for increased flexibility from an organizations IT capabilities. Organization, operating in progressively interconnected global market, has its performance influenced by events that are mostly out of its direct … Continue reading

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