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BMC Mainframe Survey 2013

BMC annual Mainframe survey shows the unabated power of the Mainframes in the global business world once again. The 8th term business strategy for more than 93% of the respondents in the survey. Mainframe platform availability advantages, platform security strengths, … Continue reading

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IBMs billion dollar investment in Linux for Power Systems

IBM continues its innovation in Linux platform started 13 years ago. The company has recently announced a fresh investment of $ 1 billion in Linux and other Open source technologies platform for Power System servers. The investment aims at introducing … Continue reading

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Big opportunities in the Big Data field

We are living in an age of Big data, where data grows in an exponential manner with each and every nano second. The business world has started utilizing the power of big data in enhancing the customer experience, improving management … Continue reading

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BYOD : Bring Your Own Device

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device to office is a new buzz word in the global IT world. BYOD refers to the policy which permits professionals in bringing their own personal computing devices to the office environment to get connected … Continue reading

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Mainframe Evolution Continues IBM Launches New zEnterprise EC12

Big Blue sparks yet another revolution in the hybrid computing industry with its latest Mainframe release- zEnterpriseEC12, powered with fastest chip in the world. Running at 5.5 GHz microprocessor, the processing speed of zEC12 is now 25 % faster than … Continue reading

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Mainframes and Supercomputers

Most of us would be remembering the chess game between IBM’s Deepblue and Garry Kasparov in 1996. This chess computer has become the first computer system to defeat a world chess champion in a match under standard tournament time controls. … Continue reading

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Cloud implementation: Chinese company picks IBM Mainframe

A leading Information Technology Chinese Company Yi Lian Zhong (YLZ) selected IBM on September 2011, to build a cloud-computing platform. This cloud network will be powered by System z Mainframes running on Linux OS. Aimed at improving the life of … Continue reading

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Mainframe is Growing – Survey

Mainframe usage continues to grow – 2011 Annual Mainframe Survey Yes, Mainframe market is in the right pace of growth in 2011. According to the 6th Annual Mainframe survey conducted by BMC software, the Mainframe technology is expected to show … Continue reading

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Benefits of Linux on System z

In an earlier blog “Linux on System z: A Success Story”, we have mentioned about the Linux Mainframe bonding. Global IT industry has benefitted immensely with this on various aspects. Linux on System z has been a hot topic among … Continue reading

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z114 & z196 – A Quick Comparison Study

In our earlier blog, “z114: A New Member to the Mainframe Family” we have covered the newly announced Big Iron system. IBM has created a momentum in the Mainframe market by positioning z114 suitable for mid-market customers. Last year, the … Continue reading

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