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BYOD : Bring Your Own Device

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device to office is a new buzz word in the global IT world. BYOD refers to the policy which permits professionals in bringing their own personal computing devices to the office environment to get connected … Continue reading

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Mainframe developer shortage, a serious concern for CIOs’: Compuware study Second phase finds

“Shortage of Mainframe developers is a serious concern for CIO’s in global organizations”, states an International Study into Mainframe usage in enterprises conducted by Compuware Corporation recently. Compuware Corporation, the technology performance company had earlier come up with the first … Continue reading

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Mainframe skills shortage is a potential threat for enterprises: New survey

Mainframe skills shortage can bring in rising cost and business risk for enterprises, says, a new survey report commissioned by Compuware Corporation. Vanson Bourne, an independent research firm conducted this survey on 520 CIO’s from international Mainframe enterprises with over … Continue reading

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Outsourcing: The Current Scenario

Offshore Outsourcing, despite all speculations and outcries, is still prevailing as a viable business model for global industries. It was during the Y2K crisis and the dot com boom the word outsourcing got global recognition. Later the setbacks of recession demanded … Continue reading

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New hopes in to Indian Outsourcing Industry after Obama’s Visit

Obama’s recent visit to India is creating new strides in the outsourcing industry. The visit was closely watched by the global business leaders in the backdrop of anti outsourcing sentiments currently prevailing in US and the new tax policies imposed … Continue reading

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Offshore Outsourcing – Rising Cost Concerns

The information revolution’s upsurge and need for cost-savings during the recession nurtured and led to the success of the outsourcing industry, thanks in large part to remote IT staffing and infrastructure management services, which relieved companies from intensifying costs. Despite … Continue reading

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Remote IT Staffing – Finding Right Partner

How to find a right remote IT staff for your specialised Mainframe services? The post recession phase is exhibiting signs of consistent business growth. However the idea of remote IT staffing and outsourcing to right hands is still prevailing. It’s … Continue reading

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Remote IT Staffing: From Recession to Post-recession Period

Having finally emerged from the financial crisis, companies across the globe are now looking at getting back to pre-crisis growth rates. At this post recessionary phase, we are expecting a potential and promising growth in the IT sector. The picture … Continue reading

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