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What is Mainframe on Demand?

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Mainframes are amazingly the most powerful and versatile computing power today, that every business would like to have in its pocket? Maybe that’s not possible (yet). Only large enterprises can have deep enough pockets to have an in-house Mainframe environment. Let us understand what makes running a Mainframe environment a pricey affair:

  • Hardware Cost: Though Mainframe can now be purchased for about $100,000 (the cost of some rack systems), this is still high for numerous medium size businesses world over.
  • Software Cost: Basic Mainframe Software License costs (Operating System / RACF / CICS / DB2 / IMS… and the latest Versions of each) are additional to run the environment per the growing global needs of small and medium size businesses.
  • Running the Show: This include the complete physical and manpower infrastructure an enterprise would need to run the show to achieve a long-term business objective. Mainframe skills shortage is one of the most talked about topic in the recent past. Scarcity of niche skills make it cost more. On top of this, figure the cost for benefits for all of those people.

Here are some significant areas for consideration while calculating TCO:

  • Initial Challenges or Considerations
    • Capital Purchase Price.
    • Clear IT goals… short term and long term… upgrades and dollars
    • Trained People to provide the ongoing administration of ‘the system’.
    • Coordinating with service providers
  • Ongoing Challenges or Considerations
    • Trained People to provide the ongoing administration of ‘the system’.
    • Coordinating with service providers
    • Software and Operating System Life-Cycle Replacements and Upgrades
    • Equipment Life-Cycle Replacements and Upgrades
    • Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
    • Identifying and Configuring for Internal Security and Access Concerns
    • Protecting against External Threats. Eg. Virus, Trojan, Worm, etc.
    • Regular User Training.

The argument is that the decision of having Mainframe environment in-house is not just about the ‘Cost of Ownership’ but also about the maintenance of the same for a longer term. Quite evidently, the ‘total cost of ownership (TCO)’ of building Mainframe Infrastructure is significant enough for any size business (small/mid-size/fortune) to have it in-house.
Even the fortune enterprises that have in-house Mainframe Data Centers, quite often face seasonal short term demand for extra computing power to meet internal training/testing or development needs. During such times it makes no business sense to create extra infrastructure but to rent/lease it out from an expert vendor.

Maintec Technologies provides affordable access to latest Mainframe infrastructure for additional short term capacity needs for development, training and/or production purposes to fortune and mid-size businesses. Clients leverage our Mainframe infrastructure, without investing the time, expense and manpower it would take to build their own.

This service will be of interest to:

  • Technology Training Companies – Most of the mid-size Technology Training companies, though have the skills but don’t have the Mainframe infrastructure in-house.
  • Development Companies – companies looking to outsource their software development function. If the production machine is bogging down between the production activity and development, move development outside. Small companies that want to run legacy applications but don’t want to buy a machine can run their applications on our infrastructure.
  • Large Retail firms looking for Mainframe testing platform – During peak season when Data flow/processing is at the highest, enterprises would need to keep their backend processes (not so important work) on Mainframes outside
  • Firms in transition (Migrating off Mainframe or Upgrading to Latest Mainframe environment) need to make sure business is as usual while transition is taking place, hence need to still keep the data on mainframes.
  • Current Mainframe shops with Capacity issues – Enterprises in need of extra capacity but for some short term on/off projects.
  • Companies that need to keep business critical data at various locations as back-up, in case of a natural/unnatural disaster.

Business Benefits of Maintec’s Mainframe on Demand Service:

  • Cost: Mainframe-on-Demand model lets enterprises to have Mainframe access on a very cost effective Pay-per-Use Model.
  • Latest and Greatest: Offer clients to equip their IT with the latest capability that enhances the flexibility, dynamic scalability, and overall agility of a web application delivery solution.
  • Business ROI: Optimize the cost and utilization of application delivery infrastructure while avoiding the need for disruptive hardware upgrades and inefficient over-provisioning tactics.
  • Solution to temporary spikes or long term increase in the capacity demands or both on client’s application delivery infrastructure.

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