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z Enterprise 196 Completes One Successful Year

IBM marked the completion of a successful year for z Enterprise 196 in July 2011. In fact, z196 can be treated as the best answer; IBM has given, to the present day challenges in the multi-architecture data centres. The hybrid design with its capability to manage cross platform workloads marked a strategic shift from the old closed architecture mainframe design. With its official released during July 2010, IBM has made way to the emergence of a new Mainframe era. The z196 is now available in five model offerings (M15, M32, M49, M66 and M80) ranging from1to 80 configurable processor units (PUs).

zEnterprise 196 is the first Mainframe system to embrace multiple technology platforms like Mainframe, UNIX, and X86 consolidated within a centrally managed unified system. With this release, IBM has given a special focus to minimize planned and unplanned outages.

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With z Enterprise 196, IBM took a bold step to integrate cross technology platforms under the consistency of system z hardware management capabilities. Two major functionalities introduced with z 196 were z Enterprise Blade Center extension (zBX) and Unified Resource Manager. While the Blade Center Extension allows cross platform integration to be done effectively, the z Enterprise Unified Resource Manager facilitates virtualization of several distributed systems into a single management system. These two functionalities of z Enterprise were novel to the Mainframe computing history.

IBM has designed z Enterprise 196 as one of the strongest platforms for green IT initiative. z196 is highly energy efficient compared to x86 systems. The advanced virtualization capabilities along with microprocessor design in z196 enable more efficient power conservation and floor space reduction. In z Enterprise 196 IBM reintroduced water-cooling which is comparatively more energy efficient than circulating cold air around. zEnterprise is much faster and efficient than its predecessors in the z Mainframe family are. The microprocessors in z196 run at 5.2 GHz compared to 4.4 GHz of z10. The z Enterprise 196 brings in an increased level of capacity over the old system z models. The performance of the individual processor units and the number of processor cores per server was increased. The additional capacity, advanced power and cooling capabilities of z Enterprise makes it suitable for enterprises aiming at a greener IT.

z Enterprise 196 played a big role in IBM’s increased server sales during the last quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011. The recently released second quarter revenue reports also show that there is an increase of 8.2 % in net income compared to those of last year.

Newly added features (z BX & URM) along with the energy efficiency, security and availability of system z 196 made it preferable for many global enterprises. The increasing user acceptability of Big Iron systems shows that the much-predicted Mainframe extinction has no relevance in the new Mainframe era. By introducing Mainframe models with innovative features and designs, IBM not only regains its lost market strength but also shows their strong commitment towards keeping the Mainframe systems lively.

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