Mainframe Operations Support

Maintec mainframe operation support services provide organizations the flexibility, cost effectiveness and quality staff and processes they need to meet changing business needs. Maintecs highly skilled mainframe professionals and state-of-the-art zOS data center in Raleigh, North Carolina provide customers with 24/7 continuous end-to-end mainframe monitoring and support.

Business Benefits of Maintec Mainframe Operation Support Services

  • Supports all aspects of mainframe operations
  • Helps achieve operational excellence
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Ensures timely completion of critical operations
  • Guarantees 24/7 mainframe availability
  • Supports weekend, holiday and night shifts (including graveyard shift)
  • Eliminates installation and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Reduces complexity of mainframe management
  • Provides well trained mainframe resources
  • Frees in-house IT staff to focus on core business areas

Maintec End-to-End Mainframe Operation Support

Maintec provides end-to-end operations support for mainframe data centers. We provide centralized proactive monitoring, management and support on-site or through our onshore data center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Maintenac Operation Support services include:

  • Providing technical support for multiple large mainframe z/OS environments
  • Installing, upgrading and maintaining IBM, ISV and OEM software
  • Supporting mainframe console operations
  • Supporting multiple clients in a parallel sysplex environment
  • Developing, maintaining and utilizing an emergency contact list and escalation procedures to resolve ABENDS
  • Resolving ABENDS caused by conditions external to production programs
  • Repairing ABENDS and performing job restarts in accordance with the documented restart procedures
  • Checking job outputs and print queues; changing job priorities; taking printers in and out of service; and starting, spooling and draining printers
  • Defining, creating, and controlling all automated operations using programming tools
  • Providing automated operation for the mainframe systems and responses to routine and complex functions
  • Working closely with the ADM and DBA groups, from the initial design through production processing cycles
  • Contacting ADM staff, other technical staff and third parties as necessary during off hours, per established notification procedures
  • Providing Level 2 and Level 3 support to resolve issues
  • Using the Problem Tracking System to track and resolve problems

Why Maintec?

Maintec provides organizations the flexibility, cost effectiveness and quality they need to achieve mainframe operations excellence, by leveraging our skilled staff and onshore data center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Maintec provides 24/365 mainframe operations support with our excellent graveyard shift support services. For more information about mainframe operation support services contact Maintec Technologies.