zOS system programming

Tight budgets and the shortage of mainframe systems programmers are making it difficult for organizations to install, upgrade and maintain their z/OS system in house. Maintec z/OS systems programming services coupled with its onshore data center in Raleigh, North Carolina provide a quality and cost effective solution.

Maintec Key Strengths in z/OS Systems Programming

  • Deep expertise in managing z/OS system functions
  • Experienced mainframe programmers
  • Complete z/OS infrastructure in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 24/7 operation support and maintenance services
  • Customized, cost effective services

Maintec z/OS Systems Programming Services

By assuming the responsibility of planning, installing, customizing and maintaining your z/OS environment remotely, Maintec frees up your in-house resources to focus on your core business. Maintec provides services that support z/OS installation, conversion and migration, including performance tuning and capacity planning of z/OS systems. Our expert team can also customize and interface your applications to take the advantage of new functions.

Maintec z/OS system programming services include:

  • Planning and installing hardware
  • Installing Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs)
  • Upgrading and migrating z/OS system software (via IBM ServerPac or CBPDO)
  • Installing and upgrading IBM and OEM software
  • Making IOCDS or IODF modifications for new hardware installation
  • Configuring and managing LPARs
  • Configuring and managing Sysplex
  • Developing and maintaining z/OS or other product exits
  • Integration-testing new products with existing applications and user procedures
  • Determining problems and interfacing with IBM or OEM vendors for solutions
  • Performance-tuning system wide to meet required levels of service
  • Capacity planning and automating operations

Why Maintec?

Multiple global customers rely on Maintecs z/OS systems programming services to align their business goals with IT and to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Contact us for more information on z/OS system planning, installation, upgrading, migration and maintenance services.