Data Center Outsourcing

Highly reliable and secure Mainframe systems handle very high volumes of business transactions. The security, reliability and serviceability of Mainframes make them suitable for performing large-scale computational purposes and critical business functions of global companies. This dependence of enterprises on Mainframes is now becoming an area of concern as hardware and software become more expensive, and skilled mainframe professionals become insufficient. To extend the lifespan of mainframe investment, organizations are adopting outsourcing and modernizing as a viable option. Through our Outsourced Mainframe Services, Maintec helps organizations to leverage the best out of a mainframe environment. Our Mainframe industry experience along with the rich pool of skilled resources enable organizations to remain competitive while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Business Benefits Maintec's Outsourced Mainframe Services

  • Access to world class mainframe infrastructure
  • Greater availability of experienced Mainframe resources
  • No overhead tensions of recruiting and training resources
  • 24* 7*365 availability of services
  • Completely secure services with RACF Security administration
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership
  • Achieve greater flexibility and scalability

What Maintec Offers?
With our outsourced Mainframe service offering, Maintec can provide with solutions that would be much more cost effective than a traditional in house business model. Our Subject Matter Experts possess more than 25+ years of experience in managing and running the most sophisticated mainframe systems of global enterprises. Maintec's Mainframe services are designed to optimize customer organization's mainframe performance in today's fast-paced business environment.

Highlights of Maintec's Mainframe Services include:-

  • The latest IBM mainframe processors
  • Dedicated hardware (if requited)
  • Various operating systems, including, Z/OS, OS/390, MVS, Z/VM, VM, VSE and Linux
  • Access to other Subsystems software, including, CICS,DB2, IMS and MQ series
  • Enough capacity in MIPS, high-speed connectivity
  • DASD and tape storage & management
  • Full portfolio of software from IBM and other providers
  • Highly skilled system programmers and operators
  • Unmatched customer service and support
  • Dedicated LPARs with the required MIPS to meet your on-line and batch SLAs
  • Graveyard shift operational support services
  • On site and offshore service delivery

Why Maintec?
Maintec with our in-house complete Z/OS infrastructure, deep expertise and proven practices provides the world class Mainframe services enabling organizations to achieve greater efficiency and improved quality at an optimum cost. Our Mainframe systems programmers and operations specialists will step in and virtually manage an organization's Mainframe operations 24*7*365 freeing up the in house resources to focus on their core business. To know more about our on-site or offshore Mainframe services, contact Maintec Technologies.